Important co-pay information

Why am I being charged a co-payment for services during my annual check up? My insurance plan doesn’t require a co-payment for annual visits.
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Electronic Bill Pay is here !

The Online Electronic Bill Pay will make your billing and payment process simple and convenient by enabling you to:
- View account information
- Pay your bills online
Patients are now able to view their statements and have the option to pay their MGPO bills using a convenient on-line service 24 hours a day.
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Before scheduling your visit, check with your health insurance provider to see if you are covered and learn the specifics of your coverage. Insurance plans are agreements made between you and your insurer, and MGPO cannot ensure that an insurance provider will pay for your care. It is your responsibility to understand what types of coverage your health insurance provides and to be sure that you meet all requirements stipulated by your specific plan.

Your health insurance provider will be able to inform you of your level of coverage and what, if any, co-payments, coinsurances and deductibles will be your responsibility. If you do not contact your provider, you can ultimately be responsible for all or a large portion of your bill.

In order to provide you with the most complete and accurate billing services, please bring the following information to each Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)/Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) appointment:

  1. Current insurance information
  2. Any required payments or co-payments
  3. A copy of your referral from your primary care physician (if applicable)
  4. Any administrative or clinical information requested by your physician (medication lists, etc.)
Please contact our customer service department for help understanding all the expected charges and their sources.