Helpful terms found on your physician billing statements:

Bill Provider:
Physician who is billing for the visit.

Rendering Provider:
Physician who rendered the services during the visit.


Your Statements

Depending on services provided, you will receive separate statements from the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) and the hospital where your services were provided.

Helpful Information about Your Statement
Depending on the type of care you received, you may receive separate bills for physician related services and hospital related services. Some services which may be billed separately are inpatient stays, outpatient labs, outpatient radiology, outpatient surgery, emergency room visits or ongoing therapies. You may also receive separate bills for radiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologist, or other providers involved in your care.

Disputing Your Bill
If you wish to discuss your concerns with a customer service representative, we invite you to call our Customer Service Center at any of the phone numbers listed on the front of your bill.

Patient Statements
View samples of our physician billing statements.
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